Apex Legends is on market over a year, and they constantly provide new legends.

Apex Legends Season 4 brings new legend – Revenant, and new sniper weapon, but that is less important. In case you take a break from Apex Legends, here is a short brief that you need to know about Apex Legends Revenant’s abilities.

Same as before, Revenant has in Intro follow up unique story, comparing with other Apex Legends. The story of each Legend reflects on their abilities in-game. And that’s logical.

Revenant backstory

In the main intro of Apex Legends season 4 you can, if you want, watch a story about Revenant. In case you skipped it, we will give you a short brief about this legend.

His story tells a tale of a man who was victim of the hi-tech corporations and turned in a synthetic assassin. There is a scene where he looks in the mirror and saw a human face staring back at him, but obviously that was just an imagination.

So his transformation into synthetic assassin is signed by Mercenary Syndicate and Hammond Robotics, and that’s the reason why he is in the hunt for them. In one moment story tells that it seems that he destroy all of them, but in the end, Hammond Robotics is back, and so is he. This story also reflects on the new buildings on a map in Season 4, and we are sure you won’t miss them easily.

Revenant abilities

Like every other Apex Legend, Revenant also has passive, tactical and ultimate abilities. All abilities match his description of the immortal assassin, and we will try to describe it as close as possible that you decide if you want to give him a try.

Passive ability: Stalker

No, he doesn’t turn into Rose from Two and a half men. Even it’s not directly related to his ability in-game, a stalker is an ability which allows Revenant to move faster than other Apex Legends while crouching, and he can also climb higher than others too.

Tactical ability: Silence

This ability it’s called silence, even has nothing to do with it. With this ability, Revenant will throw out a device that deals with damage and also disables other Apex Legends for ten seconds.

Ultimate ability: Death Totem

Well, this is a cool one. So once he deploys ultimate ability, the whole team in case that someone dies will spawn at Death Totem instead of dying. Sounds cool right? So, not only the player who plays as Revenant, the other 2 teammates will respawn too in case they die.

So, Apex Legends season 4 is out, Revenant is out, and now is on you to decide will you buy it and give it a try. We agree, everything that is new and fresh is welcome, but the game theme should stay consistent and not experiment much in different directions because that is the best way to ruin the game and lose the players.

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