YouTuber J Stone brings new Red Dead Redemption 2 Online videos where you can see extremely easy way to fill up your camp materials.

As we said, in today’s video, we’re going to be talking about an extremely easy way to fill up your camp materials on Red Dead Redemption 2 online. This method is only going to take you about 10-15 minutes going from zero materials all the way up to max its completely solo and you will probably be using this method for months to come.

As soon as you load into Red Dead Online the first thing you want to do is start the mission “A life of ‘shine – Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire Water” set it to hard and then replay the mission. This mission has a few spawn variations so you want the one that spawns dead on Ringneck Creek if you don’t get this spawn then just hit left on the D-pad quit free-roam and restart the mission again until you get the correct spawn.

You will then head to the spot on your map Scarlett Meadows and approach it from the West, doing this allows you to get two easy headshots on the guys sat at the camp, from there, if you came in on the West side you want to follow the creek to the East and once you have gone passed the camp you want to make sure you are walking because you will come upon a panther spawn, if you are walking he won’t notice you and you can get another easy headshot with a bolt-action rifle to get the 3star rating. Once you have killed the panther place it on your horse and then keep moving east up the small hill till you get on top of the rocks and then look down the ledge to find another panther spawn, this one will be attracted to you so have your rifle ready to get a clean headshot.

Once you have both panthers head directly West to the nearest road and call in your hunting wagon, after placing both panthers in the wagon kill yourself, respawn then kill yourself again to restart the mission from the checkpoint. Now rinse and repeat until you have a total of 6 perfect panthers in your wagon.

Now quit free roam head back to your camp call in your wagon and deposit the panthers, this should fill your materials to almost full with just 5 of these panthers provided you got them all perfect 3stars. Don’t forget that you need that EXACT spawn at the start of the mission.

Check down J Stone video, and feel free to subscribe on his channel for more quality videos like this.

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