We have a brand new GTA 5 car dupe glitch today, and anyone can do it without any problem.

So, to make this glitch you will need one friend. That’s the first pre-requirement. This glitch you can make on one of these five locations: Nightclub, Arena, Arcade, Facility or Penthouse Apartment garage.

Also, you need MOC with personal vehicle storage, which is not the same thing like vehicle workshop. As you can see, there are many options, so for sure, you have at least one needed for this glitch.

So, to start with this glitch simply join in invite-only or close friends session. Make sure that in the garage you going to use for this glitch you have free Elegy, Faggio motorbike and a car you will use to dupe. Like always I suggest you use fully upgraded Nightmare Issi.

Once you are in session, drive MOC near to your garage you will use for this glitch. Park it that you have a blue circle behind, otherwise, you won’t be able to store the car inside. After that go in the garage and drive free Elegy out.

Then, let your friend stand in front of Elegy and start to shoot until car is on fire. Once you have a car on fire let your friend sit on the passenger seat and wait for notification that your vehicle is destroyed. When you get it, make a phone call to Mors mutual insurance and claim a new vehicle. After that from the interactive menu request a personal vehicle, and leave the car.

Walk to your garage, and if you are not already, start your MC club. From an interactive menu try to request Faggio motorbike. If it’s grayed, walk a bit from garage entrance and Mechanic will call you and let you know that he is not able to deliver a car. Then again go to the interactive menu and from MC club request Faggio.

When you request Faggio nothing will happen. Your friend will remain in Elegy and you go in the garage and drive out the car you want to dupe. When you drive the car out your friend will step out from Elegy, and in that moment Eleggy will disappear.

Now, drive car you want to dupe in MOC, and car dupe is done.

If you want to repeat this, be sure that you have as many Faggios as you want to dupe, and start glitch from driving Elegy out and let your friend shoot on it.

Video is down here:

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