This glitch is most popular and fastest way to recover your bank account balance. Many players reported that when doing this glitch they received warning about cheating from Rockstar.

You will receive warning only if you fail this glitch on some step. Otherwise it will work perfectly fine and it’s totally undetected.

But before we continue with this glitch I need to inform you about some new moments, which will remain the next 3 months and my decision about that is final. Someone of my channel visitors reported me for posting glitches so on my both YouTube channels I received 2 copyright (?!?!) strikes posting my own gameplay. That forced me to move all relevant glitches to the members-only areas of my YouTube channel. If you want to join me as a channel member and support my channel you can do it here.

Point of this glitch is to duplicate properties from character one to character two. So that means, you have to make setups once and buy the most expensive properties on character one and store them on property slots 4, 5 and 6. Then you have to go to character two and buy cheapest properties and store them on slots 4, 5 and 6. In the end of this glitch, all your properties from character 1 on last 3 slots will be duped on the same slots of character 2. And you just have to buy again most cheapest properties on character 2 and swap them with existing expensive ones. Difference in price which you gonna get back will be profit in this glitch, and literally we talk about 1.5 mil in 4 minutes job.

Video with full walkthrough for members only is here:

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