GTA 5 Online how to get money fast – is this something you asking yourself daily? Don’t worry, easy ways are in this article, just read it and choose your best way.

So the first thing you need to know is very simple – there is no “click and apply” rule. There is no MOD menu (I always explain things related to PS4), there is only a time period of working glitches and always available friends who are willing to get some fast cash easy.

There are two legendary ways in GTA 5 Online how to get money fast

In these articles we won’t discuss glitches, we will put the accent on 2 popular heists finales: Pacific standard job and Bogdan problem.

There is the main difference between these 2 heists. The first one, Pacific, requires 4 players and it can’t be less. The second one, Bogdan, could be played with 2 players only – and that is great.

The second thing that you should consider choosing a fast way to get money is time involvement. While Pacific will take a minimum of 20 minutes and could lead to a repeat loop if you are playing with noobs, Bogdan is possible to finish in less than 12 minutes and get clean 1 million on your bank account.

But I don’t have heist finale open…

Well, that sucks. So the first thing that you should do is to have someone who will help you unconditionally. Yes, sounds easy but it’s not. That means you need a player who is willing to help you to earn a few million that you can start your own heists because as you may know already, heists need pre-requirements. Such as facility, apartment, and so on. And of course, that player should have Bogdan heist finale open, because otherwise he simply can’t help you.

The solo method in GTA 5 Online how to get money fast should be an apartment glitch. This glitch is described in my previous posts, and require that you have some property. You can start with cheap ones and upgrade and upgrade. Long way but solo and easy. And what is more important – short.

Pacific or Bogdan for fast cash?

I think that everyone will agree about the ease of success in choosing Bogdan. But the excitement and real teamwork is part of the Pacific. The main difference is in the amount of given cash, but the gaming experience is something that compensates the rest if you decide to play Pacific.

With that been said, Bogdan is an easy money making heist. 1 friend, 15 minutes, doing nothing and receiving 1 million after that. Easy peasy.

So what I have to do ?

There are two ways of how we play Bogdan. The first way is to help someone unconditionally. You will help because you want to help. Or that one wants to helps you in this case.

If you are the one who receiving help, there is nothing you need to have to join this heist. You only have to be I think over level 12. Even I am not sure that’s a requirement at all.

In this way, the person who helps you expect that all money you get playing with him as a host you invest in a facility that you can start your own Doomsday heists until you reach Bogdan problem finale.

Once you open Bogdan finale …

The logical step should be that you first return investment to a person who helps you reach this and helps you with money. Of course, in situation the he requests that. But many players in GTA 5 Online who are higher-level actually don’t care about money much.

So now when you have Bogdan finale open, your next step is to find someone to play Host for Host. That means the first game you will be host, second game that person will be host, and you will keep playing like that. With this method in every second game, you will get your million and your friend will get his millions. Fairway.

In this short GTA 5 online how to get money fast tutorial I hope that it’s not clear to everyone what is the best and the fastest way to collect easy cash and get rich.

Stay tuned for more glitches to come soon, and until then watch this video how to play Bogdan finale.

Or even easier method without enemies

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