After yesterday eclipse apartment car dupe glitch, GTA 5 online have new facility car dupe glitch – and this version works 100%

You might hear already for facility car dupe glitch, but if you try to do it – it doesn’t work, right? So here is an improved way how you can do it and hit glitch to work every time without worries.

So, to begin with this glitch you need a few pre-requirements. First, you need to have a bunker and MOC in a bunker. Your MOC needs to have personal vehicle storage in bay 3, and no that is not the same as vehicle workshop bay. Store car you gonna duplicate inside of MOC before you start with a glitch. Then you need to have a facility with a Living quarter and free Elegy stored inside.

When you are sure that you have all needed you can begin with this glitch. From story mode set your targeting mode to be in Free aim, and then join into an invite-only session. Be sure to set your spawn location in Bunker to make your life easier.

Once when you are in invite-only session go to MOC and drive out the car you are going to duplicate from MOC. Store it on location as it’s shown in the video. Leave your bunker.

Then, the safest way is to register as CEO, request Buzzard and drive to your Facility. Once you enter the facility go to the Living quarter. Press right on the d-pad to lay on the bed. Once you lay on the bed press options, then X on tab map, then interactive menu button (big touchpad) and pick any job and press square to start it. Then press triangle to stand up.

Once when you are back on your feet run to your free Elegy and sit inside. You won’t be able to drive it. Now, find some person and try to join his session. Once you press to join the session immediately press and hold R2 (to accelerate car). Accept the first alert to join the session, decline the second alert to change targeting mode, and accept the third alert.

You will be kicked out of the car. And nothing will happen. Yes, that’s right because this is patched. But, to continue with this glitch do the following. Press options, pick a map, press the interactive menu button to get the whole map, find a job near your bunker and press square to start it. Yes, we are going to teleport! Once when you are in the lobby of a job start to join in some person session, accept the first alert, decline second alert and boom – you will be spawned near your bunker.

And finally, go inside your Bunker, sit in the car you prepare to dupe and store it in your MOC. Done, that’s it.

Check this video for detailed instructions.

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