Hello guys, and welcome. As you know, most know working glitch at this moment is facility dupe glitch. This glitch evolved from first version where you should lay on the bed and hit a job, until vending machine.

But before we continue with this glitch I need to inform you about some new moments, which will remain the next 3 months and my decision about that is final. Someone of my channel visitors reported me for posting glitches so on my both YouTube channels I received 2 copyright (?!?!) strikes posting my own gameplay. That forced me to move all relevant glitches to the members-only areas of my YouTube channel. If you want to join me as a channel member and support my channel you can do it here.

With that being said, let’s go back to facility dupe glitch..

Well, as you know in last patch option to hit Criminal starter pack was removed from menu, but at some locations in facility you will still be able to hit it. So you will go to receptionist desktop and walk from one desk edge to another, and in that moment you will open options, go to online, go to criminal enterprise, open it and close it. I will post you link to the video, with full tutorial but one more time, next 3 months it’s available for members only.. And guys, there are 2 ways how you can became members. First, try YouTube premium for free 1 month and you can join as member for free! Or simply support my channel for the most cheapest membership on the planet – $5 !

stay safe!

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