There are not many channels on YouTube where you can find good glitches related to Red Dead Redemption 2.

We found J Stone’s channel as a good source for rdr2 glitches. So in today’s Red Dead Redemption 2 money and XP glitch, we will show you how you can easily earn unlimited money and XP.

This is a solo, no-effort glitch that will take you barely any time at all to reap amazing rewards! It can be repeated as many times as you like and will earn you a ton of money while you play Red Dead Online.
There are a few steps to this glitch, but none of them are very complicated. Simply take the time to go through them, and soon you will be able to reap the rewards of this incredible glitch!

Step 1

As soon as you spawn in Red Dead Online, you need to make your way to one of two locations. The first location is on an island southwest of Saint-Denis. The second one is at Rathskeller Fork, north of Tumbleweed. This glitch works equally well in either of these locations, and you will be able to earn the same amount of money and XP.

Step 2

At each location, you will find a liquor bottle—either Irish whiskey or scotch. Grab that liquor bottle and run away to a certain distance. This distance is different for each location, and you will need to reach the exact location in order for the glitch to work. For the island near Saint-Denis, you will need to run to the little wooden bridge just west of the island. For the Rathskeller Fork location, you need to run south until you reach the train tracks. After you have reached this distance, you will need to return. Upon your arrival, you will find that the liquor bottle has respawned again. Repeat the process until you have filled your inventory with these liquor bottles.

Step 3

You can sell the liquor bottles at Madam Nazar’s and then return to either of the two locations to repeat this process as many times as you like.
This is an extremely lucrative glitch that you will be able to use for the next 24 hours. You should not underestimate the value of this glitch, as it is highly effective and will improve your gaming experience immensely. The earning potential for this glitch is absolutely huge! You will earn 200 XP every time you collect a bottle and just over $10 dollars for each bottle sold. This means that every 5-7 minutes, you’ll earn around 2000 XP and approximately 100 dollars These liquor bottles appear on day cyle 6, and when this day cycle returns, you’ll be able to use the glitch once again.

Check out J Stones video:

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