Daily sell limit in GTA 5 – sounds like some curse from the stone age. But hell yeah, that’s one of biggest “I hate this” situations in GTA 5 online game. So here we will try to explain to you what causes this problem, and of course how you avoid it. Beware, once when you hit this limit you will dump your sell price, and that can be a serious problem to get easy cash.

So what to hack is sell limit in GTA 5 and how it can cause you trouble?

This data is intended to be a sheltered guide or procedure for selling duped vehicles. There have been many changes in this data. And all that you may read here may worth nothing after another GTA 5 online game update. But let’s hope – this patter never changed and never will 🙂

This conduct is as of now a hazy situation with Rockstar and that can change whenever.

Daily sell limit in GTA 5



2 vehicles Per 2 hours constant.
7 vehicles for every 30 hours constant.


3 vehicles in any 2 hour time span.
More than 7 for each 30 hours.

But to make this 100% easy to understand – This is not option 1 or option 2. This is exactly like this: in period of 30 hours you can sell 7 cars without any problems. Easy.

And here is why you should follow these numbers

The Daily Sell limit in GTA 5 for Personal Vehicles is a framework Rockstar set up to limit the number of Personal Vehicles for a specific timeframe. And of course, there is a reason for doing this. To prevent you to get easy and fast cash selling dupes.

This Limit works by recording details as Multiplayer Data on Social Club. These details are considered each time the player enters a LS Customs.

Contingent upon certain details your sell limit could be influenced and the game won’t permit you to sell Personal Vehicles.

A portion of these details include:

Times cars were sold.
All out vehicles sold for a specific timeframe.
Player Exploit level and some more.

Selling excessively fast and selling such a large number of cars are the two different ways to raise your adventure level and reduction your Daily sell Limit in GTA 5.

All timing is performing in real-time, not in-game time.

That bloody message: You have reached the daily sell limit in GTA 5 for selling vehicles

So once you see it – that’s it. You hit daily sell limit. But let we first define how you segment your vehicles:

All cars you bought

I think this is easy to understand. Every vehicle you bought in-game. Or a copy of that vehicle 🙂 You can sell one by one, without waiting time. And these vehicles will be counted in the daily sell limit.

Hijacked cars

Any car you hijack on the street. You can sell them every 48 minutes (real time). But this cars won’t be part of daily sell limit.

Personal vehicle

So if you hijack car and store it in garage it will became your personal vehicle. That’s not bad, but in that moment will became part of daily sell limit.

If game detects you to have dupes…

So many of you send me messages: why my car is sold for 18k, or 10k or just 1k. And my answer is always the same: BECAUSE YOU ARE SO GREEDY!

This is how game count value of cars you are going to sell AFTER you are detected to own dupes. Dirty dupes:

  • 0 Dupe = 1
  • 1 Dirty Dupe = Sell_Value * 0.5
  • 2 Dirty Dupes = Sell_Value * 0.25
  • 3 Dirty Dupes = Sell_Value * 0.125
  • 4 Dirty Dupes = Sell_Value * 0.06
  • 5 Dirty Dupes and more = Sell_Value * 0.02
  • That means you have been detected as having 5 Dirty Dupes or more.

So how to avoid dirty dupes?

So let’s define first what is dirty dupe, considering it as online game server. Dirty dupe is same car with same generic plate. So if you have 2 issi nightmares with 2 identical generic plates one of them is dirty dupe.

So what to hell you can do now to make it clean copy? Well take it to LS Customs, change plates and make some small changes on car.

Yes easy as that.

So i hope that this part about dirty dupes and daily sell limits is clear now. i still have 2 strikes on my both YouTube channels and i can’t annoy you there, but i can do it here, and i will do it here 🙂

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