So this glitch cost me few strikes on my both YouTube channel…

What’s the point of this glitch? You will bring your storymode character to multiplayer online game, and when is game glitched in that way you will simply walk into casino and start to sell chips to casino.

For each sold chips you will get money in same amount, but you won’t lose any chips from you inventory. So literally you can sell as much and as long as you want and become billionare.

And here we go with a problems…

First, they make game saving to be pain in the ass. It’s literally so hard to save game. Second, if you take over 1.5 bil you will get money wipe. If you take over 2 bil you will receive account reset and your character will start from level 1 and bank balance $0.

So guys, if you hit this glitch don’t be greedy. Take few millions and that’s it, invest it in properties and cars, and stay safe.

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